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Transition part deux

Cross posted from Trigeeks, so hidden behind an LJ Cut to reduce duplication.
So Sunday saw me in Transition at the Dilloman for 4-hours. I thought I'd follow-up on my post from the Austin triathlon with a comparison of some of the issues, especially for </a></b></a>didotwite who seemed to think I had it in for the women, in my post  on trigeeks. Dilloman was organised by LJ's and Austin Triathletes own cam_ray who must be exhausted after her efforts of a whole weekend fesitival, tougher than an IM race Cam?

The primary person in charge of transition appeared to be Lillani. The visible absence of a USAT referee, one thing was made much more clear. Helmets were to be done up before leaving the small transition area, well before the mount line.

I managed the swim in/run out exit and generally marshalled the transition area during the race, making sure the relay competitors didn't get in the way, and no one else didn't get in or out, and bikes were not removed before they should be, or for security, didn't get passed over the fence, which a few people did try.

Of the whole field, only one guy tried to run out without a number. His response on being stopped was "why do I need it, its written all over my body" - answer, because everyone else has one. He went back and got it, but growled as he passed me for the second time.

On walkmans/mp3/iPods, because the transition area was small, and I was stood by the run exit facing inwards, we managed to identify two guys who were putting iPods/MP3 players on and get them removed before they left on the run; one guy though I barred from exiting, he said where can I leave it, took it off and just shoved it in my hand... memo to self, don't ever accept somebodys ipod while officiating, becuase then you've got to stand around afterwards until they come and claim it.

Do any of the readers know what the USAT rules about relay competitors in transition? I actually think it would have been better to have made them tag and change chip directly outside the transition area, and then one team member only would be been in there. We had a group of three waiting with bikes and helmets just inside the swim in to tag and this was dangerous and I asked them to move back to their transition spots. The same was true after the swimmers had switched to the cyclists, they then stood around in transition talking to the runner on their team.

I have to say though </a></b></a>anricat and Roger were the perfect relay couple, after Summer tagged Roger she had a brief word with me and then moved out of transition, but perhaps that was because they were only a team on two! Well done on the win!

So in summary for Didotwite, the women were perfect this time around, maybe Austin triathlon just attracted more competitive, or more leisure competitors amongst the women, Dilloman looked like a fun event and seemed to go very well for all concerned, a tribute to </a></b></a>cam_ray , Maggie, and all those involved.

In the food tend afterwards, one female competitor looked at me and said "thank you so much for volunteering" to which I responded, "you are welcome, I look forward to you helping out when I'm racing", and thats how it works folks. If there were no volunteers there would be no races.

Keith tells me he needs all the help he can get for the Longhorn. For the bike course, one lap of 56-miles they need a volunteer to go and do directional instructions for every turn, every volunteer will be with a police officer at major turns and intersections. See you at my next race, I'll be the one shouting thank you as I pass!
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