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This is the longest day of my life

Well it's just like the good old days... got home around 8pm from a late meeting, paid a few bills online, checked the share price, started on a couple of work items that had to be completed by lunchtime today; at 4.30am I realized I was presenting at 8am this morning and hadn't pulled my charts together, no new ones needed but I did need to construct a short deck for a specific audience.

At 7.20am, I race upstairs, jumped in the shower, shaved, put my clothes on, at 7.38am I was in the car in South Austin, at 7.58 in the Parking lot in North Austin(I love the Austin traffic) and at 8:02 after a quick sprint across the parking lot and upstairs, sitting ready to go. I've been in calls and meetings since then, at 1.20pm I ran to the restaurant in the office, grabbed two slices of pizza and a soda, back to my desk for a 1.30pm call; I've been reviewing a professional certification case since then and now I'm off home in time for a not so busy drive south, and a swim at Barton Springs at 6pm, followed by steak for dinner, fall asleep on the couch, wake-up around 1am with cramped neck, go out the back and load the bike up in the car, go to bed, wake-up at 6am, start all over again.

This is the longest day of my life...
(except it almost certainly isn't, just as it wasn't for Jack Bauer come the 2nd series)
Tags: balance, life, work
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