triman (triman) wrote,

ACL 2007 - Thats a wrap

which, having visited the food vendors numerous times, was about the
only thing I could eat :(

I'd like to write a huge long summary of the whole event, mistakes I
made(joining the wrong bathroom line), mistakes they made(carbon neutral
my a*se) but I just don't have time this week as I have to be really
focussed and get myself back to the UK for a few days.

Saturdays best band for me was the artic monkeys. Yeah, I'm biased. Muse
were pretty good, had a spectacular stage show and because of the White
Stripes cancellation, a much longer set. But it was still the Monkeys
for me.

Pedicabs on Barton Springs RoadSunday, well I was wasted by then. Not through alcohol, but by the
constant wandering of nomadic people wandering from stage to stage,
pushing their way as close to the front as they could, staying 10-mins
and then leaving again. Fighting through the walls of chairs, the rude
stares of people who'd laid out blankets to sit on, that were like
homesteading a ranch, and they didn't like it if you walked across their
ranch. Then there was the daily death march back along Barton Springs
Road to get back to where ever you were going, so much litter, so many
wrigleys gum wrappers, so many used water bottles and other trash.

DSC02959.JPGSundays best was Amos Lee(see picture) and The Decemberists were a
disappointment. I was expecting something different, a mix between
eclectic folk and fusion rock. They were, well a folk band with some
electric instruments.

Overall I think that there were some great bands at ACL, however, you'd
have to be seriously hard-core, which I'm obviously not any more, to
spend 36-hours over 3-days there. The alternative is to cherry pick the
events you want to see, in this case though it was just too much like
hard work.

and for the record, I left before Dilan. I wouldn't have watched him for free in the seventies, I certainly wasn't going to put myself through that pain now.

Tags: acl, acl2007
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