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Celebrating Youth

So I'm way behind on posts, back in the UK for a visit with my family

and in an Internet black hole. I'm on a conference call now and only listening, so I thought I'd type up a few posts to send later via email.

First, absolutely delighted with todays medical. I was 50 on Sunday, I shared it as a birthday with smw380, who posted congrats. I managed to get a late appointment for my corporate medical check-up. We get 1-per year paid for by the company. I went to the BUPA Wellness center in Bristol, previously I'd always been to the London center for tests.

I was pleasantly surprised that the tests would include a VO2 test on a bike, as well as the usual barrage of tests including blood, urine, Heart ECG, vision, hearing, prostate etc. The tests all proceeded well, no surprises. What I was surprised with with just what good shape my heart and lungs are in. Both the Health Advisor/nurse and the Consultant both said they were the best results they'd seen since they were testing at that centre, some 5+years.

In both respiratory and cardiovascular performance, I exceed my expectation, and the case for aerobic capacity my numbers were off the chart for 50-59 years, and would have put me in the top 3% for 20-29 age group :-)

For the record:

FVC(L) 5.40 (108% of predicted)
FEV1(L) 4.58 (115% of predicted)
FEV1/FVC 85 (109% of predicted)

VO2(mL/kg/min) 57.2
90 percentile for 50-59 age group 40.8

BMI: 27.6(extra muscle mass)
Body Fat distribution: 48
Blood pressure: 122/81 Hg

I was only slightly off on two counts.
1. Platelets: 133 (145-400)
2. Lipids(Cholesterol)
Total: 5.1 mmol/l (should be less than 5.0)
LDL: 3.6 (should be less than 3.0)
HDL: 1.1 (should be more than 1.0)

So, got to be a bit more careful on diet, less steak, cheese and eggs :-( but otherwise as the doc says, he'd have been pleased if I was in the 20-29 age group!

Happy Birthday smw380, I'd like to have been at your party, high heels indeed! ;-)
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