BCS "FBCS CITP" listing in the Daily Telegraph

One thing I'd missed until I got back to the UK was the following, and

I'm delighted that to say although I wasn't unique, the list was small
enough that I could actually read my name as a Chartered Fellow of the
British Computer Society in a UK National newspaper.

It's nice to be a big fish, even in a small pond.

Dear Mr Cathcart

Congratulations on becoming a BCS Chartered Fellow (FBCS CITP). To
celebrate your achievement we will be announcing the names of those who
have gained Chartered Fellowship status in the Daily Telegraph on
Thursday 13th September 2007 and in the Sunday Telegraph on the
16th September 2007. The list of names will appear on the Daily
Telegraph website* and a link to this page will also be made available
on the BCS website.

If you would prefer /not /to celebrate your achievement in this way
please let me know by the 29^th August 2007 to ensure your name is
not included in the publication. If I have not heard from you by that
date, I will assume you are happy to appear in this listing.

Yours sincerely,

David Harvey

BCS Membership Product Manager

/ /

/*‘This information is accessible to all internet users//; there is
potential for transfer of the information to areas outside the European
Economic Area which may not have adequate legislation to protect your
personal data.’/
Very nice, congratulations.

With a rude nod towards Britain's car-making prowess, the following:
Q: Why don't the British make computers?
A: They couldn't figure out how to make them drip oil onto the driveway.
does this mean we'll see you on BBC's The IT Crowd? :P