triman (triman) wrote,

Chasing the sun

Call me what you like, be politically correct, Caucasian, but when it comes down to it I'm a northern european white man. The fact that I'm from England belies my Celtic routes.

This morning I set out to swim at Trowbridge pool around 7.30am after the first swimmers were getting out. When I arrived on Monday there was already a line to get in, and when by the time I went to pay, the line was out the door.

Today it seemed very queit, I walked towards the automatic doors and they didn't open. I stared inside and could see someone behind the desk. He came out opened the door a crack and said no swimming on Thurdays until 12pm. D'oh. So I went back to my Sister Julies' house and changed for a run.

By the time I got out it was a bright, if not somewhat cool(56f) morning. Buoyed up my my fitness test on Tuesday, I started off on the same 7-mile route I'd done Tuesday evening, but when I got to the top of the road I decided to follow the sun and go the opposite way.

It was great, I only had a cycling jersey/tri top on, my midriff slightly showing with a pair of running pants but it was invigorating. I felt strong all the way around and pushed on the last mile so much so that I ran straight past the road Julies house was on. I hardly broke into a sweat. Just one of the best things about England, a run in country lanes on a cool, bright autumn morning, the smell of the fields, the hedgerows.

However, after a 5-minute cool down, I was , err, cold. Austin here I come ;-)

I have to get up at effectively 9pm Austin time for a flight that leaves London at 1:55am Austin time.
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