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Escape from NY, round-2

Back in January I reported on the trials and tribulations of flying out of JFK. Well its slowly improving but has a long way to go. At least Hertz were up to the job. Dropped off the rental car and they had moved the drop-off line to the other side of the lot, there was also an agent to process the return at the car and it was then a short walk to the Airtrain.

The train arrived within 30-seconds(good) but laboured through the various stations with no announcements(bad). So even at 5.45am there were lots of people still on the train when I got off at the T8/9 stop. Which of course there shouldn't be since this is the last stop in the airport. Sigh.

Down two escalators and still exiting into the parking lot(bad) from where you have to cross 2-roads(bad) and enter the building at the arrivals level(bad) go up another escalator(bad) before arriving at departures. How anyone expects the elderly or families to use this is beyond me...
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