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The training machine

I flew back into town Friday afternoon from the UK with Darren Treadaway, a 28 yr old elite triathlete from my old UK Club Tri-Force. We hastly fixed up bikes on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning early we were up and out to do the revised Longhorn Half course, in what was an exhausting(for me) 65-mile race pace ride. Sunday Darren got up early went for a 9-mile run, Sunday afternoon I ran(exhausted) 7-miles some of which I walked, Darren swam; This morning we were up early and went open water swimming at Barton Springs, Darrens just gone to do another 7-9 mile run.

I had a piece of brownie and want to go back to bed, its not even lunchtime... and Darrens here for a week. I remember one of my good friends, Trace Allen telling me that the big problem with getting older wasn't keeping fit, but recovery was harder and longer.
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