The training machine

I flew back into town Friday afternoon from the UK with Darren Treadaway, a 28 yr old elite triathlete from my old UK Club Tri-Force. We hastly fixed up bikes on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning early we were up and out to do the revised Longhorn Half course, in what was an exhausting(for me) 65-mile race pace ride. Sunday Darren got up early went for a 9-mile run, Sunday afternoon I ran(exhausted) 7-miles some of which I walked, Darren swam; This morning we were up early and went open water swimming at Barton Springs, Darrens just gone to do another 7-9 mile run.

I had a piece of brownie and want to go back to bed, its not even lunchtime... and Darrens here for a week. I remember one of my good friends, Trace Allen telling me that the big problem with getting older wasn't keeping fit, but recovery was harder and longer.
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Hee hee, don't try to keep up with the youngsters (despite your rockin' recent fitness assessment)! And aren't you tapering ... ;-)
I am now, I'm done for the week. I will be at Barton Springs on Wednesday morning with some other IBMers who are visiting this week, and may do an easy 5k Thursday pm but otherwise I'm done...

See you on Sunday if not before. I'll bring some GB temporary tattoos, know any other Brits taking part ??

If nothing else you have to put them on the top of the back of both calves.
Wow, so nice!
I'd like some George Bush stickers for the race... that's what GB stands for right? :P
Re: Wow, so nice!
Sorry in your case I have no temporary tattoes, but I do have some bumper stickers you might consider:

If you aren't completely appalled, then you haven't been paying attention.
One Nation...under surveillance
Jesus would slap the shit out of you.

and of course
A village somewhere in Texas is missing its idiot

but you can't have my favorite, 78704 even our gun racks are made of recycled plastic. Oops that one isn't in the slightest offensive, and I live in 78704.