September training

D'oh, when did this become a ritual?

Bike, 274 miles, 16:10:32, avg MPH 17.0 MPH
Run, 31.59 miles, 5:18:14, avg pace 10.0
Swim, 4.28 miles, 0:50:00, avg pace 11.40(can't be right...)

Year to date, 2436 miles, 181.08 hrs, avg pace 4.28

In summary September was my highest distance month, except June which was the bike tour. August was the highest month for running, at 40.1. Not sure how or why that happened, I though my running was up this month! At 274-miles for the month, September is highest for biking, but ultimately not very high and certainly not good enough to get me through a full ironman race. My swimming is also down on August, as is my running.

Which is all kinda confusing, since I would have said this month I feel my strongest and most prepared for Sundays race.
It's just
an extended taper :D

The fact is, you feel strongest and most prepared for the Longhorn. That's the goal of all the training, regardless of the #s.
Re: It's just
Thanks Jay, you are right, I'd overlooked that when looking at the numbers. And actually being specific about my training for Longhorn with the cancellation of the 101 race, probably let me cut down on junk miles I was putting in and focus on race specific effort.

See you at the w/e!
That's the spirit
and it looks like the weather is going to break a bit for race day!