mobile phones and bricks

If you are an iPhone owner you can apparently turn your iphone into a brick by unlocking it. I skipped this step and just got an ATT8525 earlier in the summer, the phone is a brick to start with but I didn't pay for it at all. The ATT service is pretty good here in Austin, I can even run my laptop from it on HSDPA in some places and get WiFi speed on the laptop.

However, traveling overseas has been a nightmare. Roaming charges are just ludicrous, like many iPhone users who traveled overseas and just tried to limit their data and call useage, I got stung with my highest EVER monthly cellphone bill and this included ones where I was online for a longtime and were covered by corporate.

So it was that I just "boiled" over with excitement about this phone due to be available next month for $450 straight price. The best thing of all is it isn't just a phone, its a open source, programmable device. Efforts are already underway to port Java and MS .Net to it.

With a few frameworks thrown in, this could just be enough to tempt me back into programming. I think I might have just found something to while away the winter months instead of cycling and running. Oh, thats right, we don't have winter in Austin, where will I find time ;-)

openmoko website

The start of the end of iPhone lust, locked into contracts and ripped off for roaming. I think so....
I thought the openmoko was already available and came with a full development kit?

Dude, when travelling overseas get a pre-paid SIM card assuming your ATT8525 is / can be unlocked)
Re: Uhh
I have unlocked the ATT8525, I also have a contract SIM for the UK, and prepaid for Germany and France. However using it, getting the settings loaded for GPRS etc. is a nightmare. The ability to program it will mean if it doesn't work out of the box I'm not left high and dry by the phones tools!
luckily (at least in this case) I rarely travel internationally, and my phone (Sprint) doesn't work overseas anyhow.

I remember considering an iridium phone way back in the day when I was planning on working overseas. No idea specifically what I'd do these days...
Re: Uhh
and yeah, you are right, its already available as a development kit. But I'd rather have something working that can be programmed rather than something that needs programming out of the box.