Can't finish with a DNF - Canyon Lake here I come

I was looking back through my training logs last night, apart from my first year in triathlon when I did two sprint races and one offroad duathlon, this year I've raced my lowest number of races in 8-years.

Originally my A-race for this year was the Triathlon 101 series finale in November. I'd have gone easy on the bike, unlike the Longhorn, I'd have been focussed on running the run. So after the w/e DNF and only 2x sprints and a poor outing at St Anthonys right after my ankle problems, I've gone ahead and entered the Texas Triathlon on October 20th out at Canyon Lake.

The bike looks hilly but not so bad, even if the map identifies one part of the course as purgatory, and the multi-lap run should be pretty flat and fast. Anyone else doing it? Sign-up before the 10th and you can still get a t-shirt... registration is $65.
Re: Yay
Theres still time to sign-up, they've waved the late entry fee and the field is relatively small...

I went out last night and did 35-miles followed by a 6.5 mile run, my knees really hurt, but for some reason I'm still getting excited about Saturday. I'm just saddo addictive race personality type...

Plus it looks like I'm going to be able to get to the 70.3 worlds, but as a volunteer :-) Busy this Saturday??
Re: Saturday
I hadn't heard of ithe Outlaw 100 until someone in the office mentioned it yesterday... have a good one. I'm going to race and then see if I can get back downtown for at least some of the Tour de Fat at Fiesta Gardens...
Re: Saturday
by the way, any other long distance rides planned this year? Apart from my bike tour I realised I have not done a century this year.
Re: Saturday
Hmm, the Wurst 100k and then back might be a nice ride. Given the 100k starts at 8am, doing the ride, enjoying the afir and biking bike might make an interesting long distance ride.
Could be fun
I have no idea how those roads might be coming back without the "protection" of the event. That would be my big concern.. oh, and biking drunk :P
Re: Could be fun
Shouldn't be too bad, I'm not likely to get drunk, unless thats an objective ;-)