Gruesome Gardens - Do something for Town Lake Trail

One of the best things about Austin is Town Lake Trail. It's not paid for by the city but run by the Town Lake Trail Foundation.

This Friday there is a fund raiser on South Congress, at the Great Outdoors' Gruesome Gardens. Tickets are $30 per person online or $35 per person at the door. A ghoulish buffet will be served and the Fun & Freak House, and Wicked Sinsations will also be there to scare you. Details here.

I've got two tickets, this entry is for friends only so Cassidy doesn't know in advance what I have planned for her for Friday date night!

I feel another "Something for the weekend" posting coming on!
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Woah! Wait a minute... what?

The Town Lake Trail is very much owned and run by the city. See? It falls under the Parks & Rec department. The Town Lake Trail Foundation was created 4 years ago to help support the trail, because some ambitious runners felt that more should be done for it. So they do raise money and have events and do a lot to help the trail, but plenty of maintenance is also done by the City of Austin.
Well you learn something every day, thank you. Its not that clear reading the website.

I've changed the post. Hopefully Friday evening will still be good fun though...
Yeah I starting saying something similar but then just shortened my reply. It isn't very clear unless you go to the history page and read up on the history of the park.

That said, they weren't welcomed with open arms by many runners when they first announced their intentions, but they sure have won over many people by making do on what they've said they would do. I've helped out with one of their Town Lake Trail cleanups, and even wrote a big article about it with pictures for the Austin Runners Club newsletter. I fully support the TLTF because if it weren't for them, the trail wouldn't be quite as nice as it is today, and that's what's really important!

Have fun on Friday and I'm glad you posted about it. I will be on my way to Vegas for a wedding!