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LAF 5k - A Stroll downtown

So yesterday I  did the LAF 5k, starting from the Capital building downtown, on a bright, sunny morning.

I had the pleasure of some company, Cassidy and I were going to do the run/walk together. She isn't a runner and I wasn't so bothered, so I figured it would be fun to walk right down the middle of Congress Ave, across the bridge and around to South 1st bridge and back.

Andy Roddick the tennis player, Lance and a few others made speeches. Then it was the Nation Anthem and we were off.  You can really get a better view of the city when there is no traffic.

As always the LAF did a great job, taking special care of survivors. One nice touch was arranging a load of pedicabs, decked out in yellow for kids who were cancer survivors. 50-minutes for the 5k, a walk in the park and downtown!

Today I went out and did the South West Parkway/71/Bee caves/Loop 360 and back, 35-miles at race pace and then did the 6.5-mile loop down to and around the trail. A week after I was scheduled to do a half IM distance, and pulled out because I wasn't going to make my target time. After todays run, lets be honest, I don't think I could have finished, not fit enough. Hmmm time to think about next weeks race.

Oh, and I never made it to End of an Ear on Saturday for Southern drama, bummer. Too busy cutting the lawn, cleaning etc.

LiveStrong picture by Commit / Josh Wachaos on Flicker
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