Express Wellness

They had the Wellness for Life team in the office this morning, so I signed up and took a quick whirl through the tests, I was more interested in Cholesterol since my last test I've cut down on red meat and make some other changes.

So, heres what I got.
Blood Pressure: 110/80 - good
Glucose: 92(non-fasting) - excellent
Body comp - BMI: 27.0 - not so good, but I am a large frame
%Body Fat: 21.7 - good
Cholesterol: 221 mg/dl(non fasting)
HDL: 54mg/dl
TC/HDL Ratio: 4.1 (good)
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I saw they are in this week, so I will be doing that, too! Glad all your results are good!
Nice job
wouldn't worry about BMI - it's useless on an individual basis.