IBM Uptown 10k - BOPer wanted

Saturday I'm going to do the Canyon Lake triathlon, Sunday I want to do the IBM Uptown 10k, should be good fun although I'll be tired and slow. If I miss it this year it will be the second year I've missed it and the race starts from the office this time, not often you can say that about a race!

Anyone doing the race from the back of the pack and want to keep me company? I doubt very much I'll be in a condition to break 65-mins and happy to keep you company!
I'm doing it, but ...
(hopefully) a little quicker than 65 mins. So I'll see you there, but not to run with ...
Roger and I signed up. I haven't run since Longhorn and I haven't been super motivated to run, but somehow a 10k sounded like fun so I just signed up. Yay, motivation!

I'll probably shoot for around an hour goal time. We'll see how that goes.
I'll see how my legs feel after the Canyon Lake tri, if they are not too bad maybe I'll try to keep up with you until I can't...
doing the 100 miler Sat
I'll be there with friends doing the 10K but likely we'll be slower than 65 min pace! hope to see you there!
Re: doing the 100 miler Sat
yaay. big LJ turnout.

good luck on saturday safe ride, I really have no excuses for sunday now... see you there.