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Quiet week, everything rumbling along

Darren has posted his Longhorn race report, blog entry and race pictures, nice write-up and you are welcome Darren, but I prefer this picture, spot the GB Team supporter in the background, nice one! Five pages of Darrens pictures appear here, I guess it helps when you are in the top-3. There are a couple of classic flying while running pictures, including this one, you wouldn't think this guy was 7-miles into a Half IM run.

I swam Monday, Tuesday after my weekend training effort, my knees were REALLY sore and painful. So I decided not to run for the rest of the week ahead of Canyon Lake. Speaking of which I picked up my packet late last night, just as Neil was about to drive about of the Jack and Adams parking lot. He says the first 10-miles of the bike are pretty much uphill, but its downhill after that. (thats alright then). Oh except theres a massive hill on the run you have to do it twice. No PB then for me.

There are only seven in my age group, so I WILL finish, and I will come in the top-5 and WILL be trying to podium. Hell knows how I'm going to drag 205lbs up 10-miles of hills and run afterwards though. Oh dear, there goes that nasty habit of over expectation :-)

Finally, I updated my Longhorn race post with a picture and a link to the other Kreutz pictures, some half decent ones, I may even order a few.
Tags: canyon lake, longhorn, treadaway, triathlon, txtri
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