The easies at end of an ear

IMAGE_018.jpgTriathlon went fine this morning, 8th in my age group, more later.

Up at end of an ear on s 1st now, the Easies are doing an in store for their new cd.

Interesting indie rock with an slight country twist. Two neat things, the guy on bass(Jeff Linton) is pretty good, he reminds me a lot of Paul Weller in style, playing a tight bass. Lead guitar is a girlie(Allyson) in a dress, also doing vocals. She can play too...

Why is it the bands always sound more interesting when they do "four to the floor" numbers? The last two numbers strangely even remind me of the Jam, except theres a woman singing. One track even reminded me of Down in the tube at midnight.

Well that's that, I know what i'm playing when I get home... This is the modern world.

The Easies website
The Easies myspace page
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