IBM Uptown 10k - enjoyed

I ran the IBM Uptown 10k this morning with mizmizuno , Julia kept me honest and running, we ran a very even 34-minute 5k pace all the way around and picked it up for the last 3/4-mile.

Again I took 2x ibruprofen before the race, and the swelling and pain from my knees was really minimal, I felt pretty good both before, after and importantly during. I'm not sure this is a good long term strategy, but I'm going with it for now.

I'm going to see the folks at Hangar prosthetics and see if they can make me a decent running shoe to make up for the leg length difference. Orthotics are ok but they just are not and cannot be big enough on the heel and don't help the forefoot strike at all.

Big-up to all my work colleagues who were out helping on the race, I saw more of them helping than I did racing. Thanks again to Julia for keeping me company.

Stats for the day:
Time: 1:09:05(comfortable)
Overall Position:1640/1860
Age group: 83/88

Kreutz Race Pictures

Interesting race tid-bit, John Perkins in the male 70-79 age group finished in 49:55 - wow!

NEXT UP: Not sure, back to the UK this coming w/e, then maybe the Wurst metric century.
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Congrats on a nice recovery race. It was nice to meet you - I've seen you all over LJ - we have a few LJ friends in common. I didn't know you were a fellow IBMer.
Wow, and I didn't know you were either... apart from mizmizuno that makes you the fourth IBMer I know did the race, but the entries were going like gangbusters on Thursday in 045 so I must have missed a lot of people!
good to see you!
I was a beautiful day for a 10K run, wasn't it? It was all I could do to keep up with my friends Carolyn, Stacy and Lee. Thank goodness they didn't want to run fast, either! I don't think I'm doing the WurstRide this year, but it can be a lot of fun (if the wind doesn't come out of the south, that is). Hope everything goes well on the trip to UK.
Re: good to see you!
Thanks and good to meet you and tripam as well. I'm not doing the wurst ride either, despite my desire to turn it into a real mans century by riding back afterwards. How quick things change.

I'm going to spend the w/e in San Antonio instead.

Next up is going to be the Skirt Chaser 5k at the Domain of the 10th, and yes I have skirt to chase but I guess the more the merrier ;-)
Re: good to see you!
Good to see you too. See you Wednesdays at the J&A volunteer party, afte your workout. Me? I'm worked out for the season, a bit of running between now and the 10th, and then its start all over again!
It was great running with you!! You kept me honest, too.

I didn't realize you had a leg length discrepancy until the race. I have a very minor one, but it can get worsen depending how well my muscles are behaving. I hope you can find a solution that works better than orthotics!
Oh yeah, my right leg is a full 2-inches shorter than my left leg... none of this a few centimeters here, a centimeter there stuff.
always fun to run a race just to finish and with good company.