Wheels slowing turning, giant awakes

Well I got an unsolicited email today asking me to complete an application for employment here in the US, its part of the process. Rumor has a job offer will be in the email shortly.

My assignment ends Wednesday, I'm traveling Tuesday and will be out of touch, so thats cutting it fine.
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not everything is final
So I get this email very late Friday from my manager "which is why you probably have not been told much. I've learned from experience to wait until everything is final before making too much of our conversation. I don't even know the full roadmap to 'final'."

Sigh, and I'm being asked to up my game and do more... I'm really so past it.
I always love that
the "up the game and do more" - sure, as soon as you pay me more. Or are you implying that I wasn't doing a good enough job, which then makes me wonder why you're even giving me the opportunity

I'm glad I don't manage people and shouldn't ever need to. It's so much bulls*it