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O'Hare Security: Excuse me sir can I inspect your bag

After this mornings Heathrow debacle, and desperate to make the early flight rather than have to "endure" 3-hours in the AA Flagship lounge at O'Hare, it was a mad sprint from the plane to the gate, and I missed the early flight. Still, thats free drink and food for 3-hours, oh and a comfortable seat, a desk, free wireless etc.

Things to note about O'Hare. When I got to immigration, which was a massive sprint of maybe 1/2 mile since we were gate M1, the furthest from immigration, the woman checking visa forms insisted I fill in the back of my I94 white form. Thats the first time ever(five years) since it is specifically marked in red ink "FOR GOVERNMENT USE ONLY". Oh well.

Three minutes later I was at the agents desk, nine minutes later upstairs waiting for the intra-terminal train. As per my earlier post, I had everything off and ready to go through security, except my shoes, jacket and laptop out. The train stopped I sprinted out, down the esclator and into the AA Exec Platinum/1st Class line. I get to the guy and say "oh well, I don't suppose I';d have made the earlier flight anyway"... he takes me to the front of the line, I take off my shoes, throw them in a tray, jacket on top, followed by "fluids bag" - I'm clear.

As I proceed through the conveyor belt stops - never a good sign. "Bag check" - "Is this your bag sir? Do you have all your belongings?" - a quick rumble through my bag and they find the 2x 2lb Christmas puddings I've bought for Thanksgiving dinner. We exchanged views on what they were, at which point they swab the outside cartons, test the swabs and hand back the puds and say "thank you sir, sorry for the inconvenience" - How different from Heathrow, polite, efficient and secure. Big up O'Hare - except that delay probably cost me the early flight, I don't mind though, they were doing their job, properly. From the plane to the gate was only 22-minutes, including Immigration, Customs, Train between terminals, security check and long run to gate.

I know many people who don't like O'Hare but really, where else could you do something like that??

Here I am then, it's 7:35, only another 90-minutes in the Flagship Lounge, did I say, free drinks, free food, free wireless... oh yes, how tiresome ;-)
Tags: flying, heathrow, travel
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