FIXED - Yipee...

For those watching here, I got off the plane just after midnight on Tuesday/Wednesday morning, and I decided to take control.

I chased some folks yesterday, got a conditional job offer last night, very pleased with the overall offer, benefits etc. I reviewed the offer and today went and signed up as a US Employee. I drove the process myself, told my boss I was doing it and the sea parted. I'm going to write a more thoughtful post and place it on my professional blog
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Woohoo, that's great news! Congrats! That'll save you the entire tedious process of trying to find a lawn crew to work on ...
That's fantastic - I can't wait to see what else you have to say...
Re: Congrats!!
yes indeed, i've thought and hard about it and can't see how I can manage without one, even though i'M happy travelling to and from town on the bus. I can't see either how I can manage with just a rental car for a few days a month.

so saturday i'm going car shopping.
now you just need to replace those GB (Great Britian) stickers with GB (George Bush) stickers to make everyone think you're a "real" american :P

(In case you wonder if I'm kidding, yes, I am, the man's a 'tard)

Congrats on the job switch!