End of an affair, lost loves

It has been a strange week indeed. A number of important things have ended this week, some gone, some not forgotten. There is the end of my 20yr affair with IBM UK, I have not told them yet, but I'm breaking it off, I've found another love. There are some more personal.

And so it was this week that I finally parted company with Hed Kandi. Our affair started back in 2001 when I heard Mark Doyle DJing on JAZZFM in London, shortly afterwards I bought my first Kandi drug, BACK TO LOVE 2. Mark and the boys were responsible for introducing me to Beach House in 2002, just plain fun, happy house, feel good music. By the time I'd taken between 10-12 hits, including Winter Chill, Mark had gone. [See this blog post from last year, with comments from Mark himself.]

I tried it once more and decided like many things, once the founder, the life force had gone, the label had become a pastiche of itself. Then as I was passing through Heathrow Monday, I was tempted back to an old love, I bought "Hed Kandi: The Mix - Summer 2007". Boy, was I disappointed. The first CD was a collection of unremarkable club music, the 2nd a mix of pretty lightweight euro-pop, and the 3rd CD, a remix of old hits. It's over, I'm never coming back.

The real question is, what to do about Mark? He's also moved on, now with Fierce Angels, the track listings look tempting, Digital Angels 2007 already has K-Klass's "Let Me Show You" remixed by "Put 'Em High" Stonebridge. - Whats a boy to do? Get another love..

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Its me,, i'm really so curious of who you are? are you an atrist of music or something?....well! anyway i pass all my subjects and i'm ready for my next semester...:)...i guess i owe it to you for reading and understanding.:)
Re: hi
Well done! I read your blogs occasionally, you seem to be getting along ok. It's always a challenge to find your way and place in the world, if it wasn't it wouldn't be rewarding when you do.

Me I'm a Dad, computer guy, triathelete who has always had an eclectic taste in music and been fortunate to meet and hang-out with some cool people.
I've not been a loyal follower of Hed Kandi, but have found some of their albums to be stellar. The winter chill '07 I believe, lemme check... Oh no, it was Serve Chilled 2007, was stunning. I love it so much, such a great running album. But yeah, I like them mostly for the chillout stuff.

I saw your last.fm page, and I was super impressed at the number of albums on your little graphic I recognized and loved. That new Jes one ... the title track blows me away every time. Awesome.

How'd you track me down by the way? ;)
The earlier Kandi albums were in my opinion much better, but lets no argue :-) - The chillout albums may still be good, I have not heard any since 2005.

As for finding you, I searched on Google blogs for the skirtchaser 5k... and since you were on LJ...