Going wrong

I was going o write a post this evening called Thats Entertainment and document some of the great things I've been up to over the last few days. But alas, today was a day of complete process failure, so instead enjoy going wrong.

1. Call UK Bank(FirstDirect), give specific instructions to transfer $8000 to US Bank account, done many times before, same banks and yes I'll pay the £21 originating bank fee and the $10 receiving bank fee. Checked my UK checking account at 1pm, balance unchanged. Check my US account, balance unchanged. Call FirstDirect, go through security procedure, get put on hold, speak to someone in "foreign currency", get put on hold, person comes back admits they have not done it and it will get done in the morning. Sigh.

2. Get to the office, not in my building but another across the street for an early morning and long workshop, try to logon to the internal wireless network, other network find but logon to internal network fails. Spend about 40-mins debugging problem and discover internal credential check fails with Error 500 indicating that my userid isn't valid. Check internal directory, and yes I'm not there. Turns out that the process to convert from assignment to fulltime employee, step 1. delete old userid. Sh*t.

3. Go car hunting. Visit CarMax North Austin, a couple of Chrysler/Dodge dealers end up at CarMax South I35. Spot really interesting car, nice model, my price range; take for short test drive, agree to purchase; ask how to pay, CarMax "pro" unclear, just wants personal check. I don't want any delay so offer to wire transfer, cashiers check, certified funds etc. No, they want a personal check; I get in my car, drive home, get checkbook, come back, write out check, prove funds are in my account by logging on to Internet Banking. The sales "pro" then asks for my insurance. I remind him what I told him when he first accosted me on my way into the building. I'm English, only have a UK drivers license, exclusively drive rental cars since 2004. He says they can't proceed without insurance. Goes to check with Manager, manager insists they can get me insurance now... I say I've got better things to do and if they take me for a mug that I'd take the first quote I got. I ask whats next? The sales "pro" says I can have the check back and come back when I have insurance, I leave. F*ing hell, doesn't anyone know their job?

4. So, I left the office to go to CarMax North Austin. The Hertz Never lost takes me up MohPac, tells me to exit at Well Branch Pkwy; when I get to the exit its a toll exit, exact change or TXTag only, I have neither, loads of Dollar bills, and no TX tag. I try to reverse out but there are cars behind and more coming, as I pass through the non-barrier exit, camera flashes, I'm stuffed. How user friendly is that?

So, not such a good day.
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Welcome to America :)
At least the delay in transferring funds meant the USD weakened further and you got a better rate ;-)
you hit a school bus or kill some nuns? I mean, that's some bad karma...

FYI, when I got my first car and had to do the insurance shit, I had priced out the insurance from a variety of companies and when I went to the dealership to buy the car I bought the insurance while sitting in their office. It felt great to waste their time :D
what's with the insurance crap
I just bought a used car (with a check) for my daughter and they didn't have any heartburn over us driving the car for the weekend till we could call the insurance agent on Monday. I don't get it --if you've paid for the car, what's their damage?
Re: what's with the insurance crap
Beats me... more problems tonight. The rational 'uman bean that I am makes me think that it was because I only have a GB Drivers license.

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