triman (triman) wrote,

Going wrong, part deux

As I drove to the office Wednesday morning I was glad Tuesday was over, it couldn't get any worse...

Oh yes it could!

1. Arrive at the office, try to get in, badge doesn't work. Turns out that yesterdays deletion of my entry from the telephone directory, meant my id was deleted from the security system. D'oh.

2. Remember all those stories about the Department of Homeland Security was going to start forcing employers to pre-vet job applicants, and unless approved by the DHS they couldn't be hired - well yes, you know this was coming - when my employer ran the electronic test with the DHS, it came back "tentative nonconfirmed" - thats the equivalent of "please call" for credit card verification. So, I had to complete an electronic form, send it to the HR dept. they send to the DHS, who send an electronic appointment to the employer, who sends it to me, I call. Turns out the DHS had the wrong Visa details for me(??), they had me down as an H1B, I'm an L1B going L1A. We worked out the differences using my visa number etc. The employment verification was rerun and I got a positive.

3. Back to the car. So I called my AllState agent to set-up insurance so I could go buy the car. After a long discussion about rates, it turns out that she can't find anywhere to underwrite the policy without a TX license. I get an online quote from Geico, same story when I go to buy and talk to a rep. Eventually Cassidy bails me out by adding me to her insurance and Farmers issue a new card. At CarMax that evening it takes forever. They might be the car superstore, but they really could use some customer service slickness. The guy keeps getting up and walking away from the cube to go do something, it's not clear what and he doesn't explain. Eventually we go do the final check on the car, I pay and we are done. I'll be reading the drivers code over the w/e and taking my test Monday.

Enough of this going wrong stuff... time to get back on an even keal.
Tags: ibm, life, mbenz
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