Going German

My Merc C230 SportSo, here is the new car, it's not the first German car I owned, back in time I had a VW Passat. It is a Mercedes C 230 Sport. I'm not much of a car person, but the 230 seemed like a good trade off between a car with some style, that would hold its value, had decent performance, ok MPG, and a bit of space.

However, when I got it home the huge boot/trunc, wasn't as big as it looked. Big Red my race bike doesn't fit even with the wheels off, the aero bars stick up too much. Oh well.

[Edit] So here is the actual car, on the actual drive, although you can't see it, I washed my wetsuit, it's hanging in the porch behind. You can tell its my car, if you are browsing with Mozilla Firefox click on the license plate twice. If using Internet Explorer, you'll have to click and scroll.
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Oh yeah, see my latest post... mojo's back, I'm done with all this negativity stuff... *smiles while hairs stand on back of neck*
Updated for the real thing, I'm not into adding value to cars by pimping them. The cost enough to start with and loose value quick enough, no point in spending more good money, after all its not a tri bike ;-)
Oooo, shiney!
You'd have thought with "Sport" in the name, it'd accommodate Big Red? Or maybe they weren't thinking "triathlon" ...