Off is over - fastest mile swim of the year!

I've been watching whyiron  as he went from training to easy, to full on training, and feeling guilty. I'm never that organised. Thursday I read one of Marks' entries about an early morning swim session at Barton Springs, steam rising and all that.

Well I have done no training at all since the Texas triathlon/IBM Uptown 10k weekend. I did go for one easy swim session back in Trowbridge when visiting my parents in the UK, but otherwise nothing. My race bike is in the garage without the wheels on; my wetsuit is starting to ferment in a bag; I can't even remember where I put my running shoes.

So yesterday I took my swim gear with me to work, I left a little late but after driving mostly through town I arrived at Barton Springs at around 6.20pm. It was already dark, the gage in the car said it was 72f. I walked over to the entrance and it was strangely quiet. Much to my surprise after getting in for free(free from now to March '08), I found it was empty. Seriously, completely empty, not a single person swimming.

I was so excited, I ran to the mens changing, don't know why since I could have changed there, changed quickly, ran down to the water and yes, still no one there. The water was clear, the shallow parts the floodlights lit up the rock bottom, as I got in, it was like swimming on a sheet of glass, completely still. Fantastic, heads-up on the first length down to the dam wall, and there was downtown perfectly lit up, perfectly clear.

I did my mile, much to my surprise it was my fastest this year, and the first real time I've gone "hard" at Barton Springs for fear of face planting someone. It was done in just tri shorts and goggles, no swim aids. When I was getting out there were two simmers getting out, both had neoprene swim caps and some sort of wetsuit or swim top warmers on, huh?

Talked to Ella, my eldest, today about Xmas hols, next up housework, then this afternoon the Skirtchaser 5k, off no running for 3-weeks, somehow even I don't expect much except fun!

Walking in rhythm
Movin' in sound
Hummin' to the music
Tryin' to move on
I'm walking in rhythm
 Singin' my song
Thinkin' about my baby
Tryin' to get home

Always nice to talk to you Ella :-)

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Mojo carries over to your pool too:)
Huh, the pool is empty at such a civil hour? No mucking about getting there before anyone else wakes up? That's nice! Rested and ready after your time off, perhaps? Enjoy your Skirt Chasing:)
hmmm maybe i should try some of this rest stuff myself.
Barton Springs all to yourself? that had to be great! glad you had a nice mile swim.
Mark. How about a little more early bowie