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skirtchaser 5k "race report"

Not sure I'd call it a race, more a run with a gathering of liked minded peeps. So we arrived at 2.50pm, registered and dropped our stuff of at the car and then went for a walk around the Domain. This is probably one of the few days ever it will be ok to walk around in the fashionistas uptown/downtown hangout in running gear. There were visible sign of lots of beautiful people, but there were also lots of people in running gear and many of them were the same ;-)

We went into Bettysport and Cassidy used the $25 off voucher I got from the IBM Uptown 10k for some jogging pants, we made our way back to the car to get ready for the race. It was only when I sat down to put on my socks and running shoes that I realized I'd made a serious, race threatening mistake. I'd left my orthotic at home for my right shoe.

For the last 5-years I've had a 1.5 inch heel lift built into a custom orthotic in my right shoe, and a custom orthotic in my left shoe. However, back around August I broke out a new pair of Saucony Grid Hurricanes and decided I needed to find someone here in Texas to build the orthotics and did nothing about it. Instead I just put the custom heel lift I use in my regular shoe, in my running shoe, only today I forgot it.

I did consider not running at all, but after a quick warm-up realised that actually if I kept on my toes, I wouldn't miss it that much, and that given we were parked less than 50ft from the start line, I really had no where to hide.

The women set off first, there were about 150, followed 3-minutes later by about 60-men. Desiree Ficker was there and looking good, the ubiquitous Jen Reinhart was also there, and Nichole Deboom did the announcement and is a founder of skirtsports. The girls were all wearing skirtsport skirts, and at least a few of the guys were trying out running "free" as well, with at least one guy in a kilt, and a couple fully dressed as women, no doubt hoping to win either the $500 first prize or one of the runner up prizes.

The run itself was pretty dull around some unused roads and parking lots in on the old IBM Campus, until the last turn which took you into the Domain itself leading to the finish line right in the center. I went off at what I thought was an easy pace, about 7:40, and caught my first women after just 2:56, but just after the turnaround on the out and back course, I could really feel my knees tightening, a definate sign of being off balance. I gave Cassidy a last wave as we passed at about 1.7-miles, it was about there I passed Judy from AT, and on the run around the back, first cam_ray  and after about 2.2-miles Maggie also from AT, my lack of training for the last 4-weeks when showing up now and I started to struggle.

I came around the corner into the Domain with the finish line in sight, I was surprised to see I was going to be under 26-mins, 25:54, for 2nd male 50-59, in an age group with 5! Randy Step won my age group with 22:13 - I was 39th guy, and my time would have given 39th in the womens race, so pretty even.

I finished by going back and running in with Cassidy who finished her first 5k. Overall, Derek Yorek finished 1st and beat Desiree even with a 3-minute head start, Derek did 15:03, Desiree did 18:20, Nicole Deboom finished a minute ahead of me, and Jen Reinhart finished in 27:44 so must have been running with someone. The after party was pretty decent, in a closed off road section of the domain, chips, salsa, pizza, beer and vodka/redbull along with a tribute band. Decent, but small, tech-t-shirt and de feet socks for the guys, skirtsports skirt and socks for the gals. Nice way to spend a few hours on Saturday afternoon and a pretty decent result all considering!

Skirtsports Skirtchaser 5k Results

Next up: Don't know, time to get back to training I think
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