Speaking for you, but not driving

Last night I got to speak at Austin City Hall as the representative for the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Planning team at the City's Planning Commission, on the subject of Vertical Mixed Use, something that could effect the lives, homes and property values of thousands of people.

This morning, the Texas Dept. of Public Safety refused to even let me take the drivers test, let alone pass it. Apparently because I've been home to see my Mum and now my my I94 entry card is only valid until July 2008 rather than the original full year, and I'm here on an L1 visa, doesn't qualify me to apply. Period.

I am not all clear where this leaves me. It's so frustrating I could cry, really.
Re: I can't believe your car insurance woes!
Maybe your daughter looks and sounds American so won't have any problems. But you should review this list

and be prepared.

As for me driving, I simply can't accept that I should do anything illegal, and of course no one ever thinks they'll crash. I've dumped it back in the companys lap, and am in the process of writing to the Director of the DPS to ask for his help, after all I could waste 3-days, fly to Canada, exchange my GB license there, fly back and exchange the Canadian license here, can't be right? AK also doesn't have any residency requirements so I could go there.

But then it only appears that TX has the I94 1-year requirement... why?