Well, more accurately I AM PROCRASTONATOR!

I woke up early this morning, couldn't sleep, much to do today. So rather than get on with it, as I didn't get out for the 10k run I promised myself yesterday, I did it this morning. When I left the house I wasn't sure how far I was going to run. I felt good going down South 1st, picking up my feet and trying to runstrong. By the time I got to the bridge on Town Lake, I decided I'd push for the full 5k fast to Mohpac.

When I got there I'd done it in 26:47, 10-seconds faster than I'd done it before, and I'm sure I could have got there 30-seconds or so faster If I'd decided. Still after a minute or so getting some excellent Runtex juice, I left for the run back. It was only when I got under the Lamar Bridge that I remembered I was supposed to be presenting via conference call at 9am for an hour, probably what woke me up early. D'oh. Made for strong run home!

Stats for the day: 6.53-miles, 1:00:27, 2nd fastest time ever and fastest since April when I was really working on my run for the start of the Tri season.

Next up: Swim at Barton Springs tonight from 6pm Anyone else ??

ps. The I am Spartacus reference is because over the weekend I watched "That thing you do" again off the DVR. When I just want to switch off it works for me! - More procrastinating then.
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nothing like the fear of missing an important event to end a run faster!