IM Arizona x2 in 2008

I'm just back in cellphone reception land from Thansgiving, more later. One of the emails waiting for me was from North American sports.

IMAZ is switching to Novenber from 2008. That means for next year there will be TWO IMAZ, with the 2nd on November 23rd.

Hmmm now there is something to think about...

Got an upgarde to 1st for my flight back... Busy day tomorrow...


Very nifty - double slots? You thinking about racing?

Also, if you have some time I want to get your impression on working in the USA - I may have a need (or desire) to work in the USA for 6-12 months next year. Can you shoot me an e-mail at ajjones a t
am seriously thinking about it, registration opens in55-mins, am already logged on to Yeah, it's pretty tempting, though I still... I don't know, I have a special affinity for that place, since I went to high school in the Phoenix area and partied all the time in Tempe... Have family and friends there...

But I think I'll hold off until 2009 for my first IM. No rush, right? :)
Yeah, I agree, the only way to get a slot for 2009 though will be to drive out to Tempe this year... thats the problem, IM races are so hard to get into now.

Over on another tab I have the $500 entry fee page.... It's just that I already decided to make 2008 a year to focus on speed and to win my AG at my home town sprint event... and I know next year will be very busy at work... its sooo tempting though, even at $500
Your post has recruited 2 tri forcers!
Your post on the tri force forum has encouraged Jonathon and Laurence to enter and no doubt more Brits will follow.

I'm also very tempted but i'm aiming for the 70.3 worlds as British Triathlon have now stamped my card to race pro for next season, so thats the first step, the next one is qualifying, first attempt will be at Austria.

Hope you are well

Re: Your post has recruited 2 tri forcers!
Outstanding! I will almost certainly plan to get out to Tempe for the race and volunteer and sign up for 2009!

I'm doing well, knocked another 50-seconds off my 5k run down to the Mohpac bridge last night, and 30-seconds off the roundtrip.

Probably going to sign-up and do the Lone Star sprint in March and then the Half Iron race the next day as an Aquabike

You'd be welcome to come over again if you are looking for an early season race!