Don't you hate it when...

Power Outletback in the spring I had my A/C pump unit go out and the downstairs hall flooded twice. I figured out that the outlet the pump was connected to was not working. I called the builder, he said to get the A/C company, Liberty Mechanical, that did the installation less than 15-months before, come take a look at it.

The 3rd time they sent an "electrician". After some testing he announced that he'd have to start cutting open the wall and chasing down the connections, as there was no electrical plan for my house and thats the only way he could trace it. Kris was here then, and as contractor she knew this wasn't right and told him to leave. Ever since then I've run with an extension cable across my polished concrete floor to run the pump.

So it was, having been in the house a year, I decided last week that before I renew my annual Home Owners warranty for $400 I'd see how good they were. It took one 5-minute call, no on hold, no music and the incident was reported. They emailed me a confirmation with an assigned Electrical vendor within 15-mins.

The guy from Clements Electrical showed up promptly today after confirming on Friday and calling 15-mins before arriving today. He did some basic testing, went out to the fuse box and everything was working within 10-mins. It cost me the standard warranty assigned call out fee of $65.

So, I can't be sure, but either a). the prior lot and their electrician were incompetent, or b). they were trying to screw me because I called them on their install. Still, another problem off the list.
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That Kris sounds like one smart cookie...this is anonymous, right?
Re: Amperage
Sure its anonymous, if you don't have a livejournal blog, or post your name, no one would ever know it was you ;-)

In fact, if I don't reply, no one but you and I would ever see your comments!