Santa Speedo run

So, Kona has its underwear run prior to IMH, how about a Speedo run for Austin?

The proposal is, register for the Austin Trail of Lights 5k, then raise just $25(or more) dollars or donate it yourself.

There is a post on the runtex forums  and a website, I must admit I'd planned to have a go at the trail of Lights for a 5k PB/PR but heck this seems like much more fun. From the website

"For this year, the charity part is an informal fundraiser for Out Youth, a local non-profit that supports and provides services to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth ages 12 to 19 in Austin and Central Texas. The idea is for every Team Santa Speedo runner to raise/donate $25 (or more!) for this very worthy group, making the donation directly to them via check or their website."

Since its a run through the trail of lights, the exposure will be limited as its only through the park rather than downtown. I'm up for it, any other livejournalers or blog readers?
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In Lutz, Florida there's the "Dare to go bare" 5k at a nudist colony. I always wanted to do that race dressed in street clothes and get a picture of me sprinting the first 400m away from a pack of naked people.

Monty Python would be proud.
Oh dear.. did I just sign myself up?! *giggles*

I won't be in Austin that weekend.. however; in my support of the cause and (of course) you.. I will forward this post. See if we can get some more folks out there.. Nekkid in the Lights!

Oh! Take your camera please!!
Oh! Yeah! A buddy of mine mentioned this Wednesday like, "this is a funny idea" but I didn't know other people would be doing it too. To be honest now I'm a bit *less* excited about it...
Oh. And I was hoping to actually break 20 mins at the race, speedo and all. What makes you think it'll be slower?
I was hoping to run in a crowd to minimise the embarrassment... :-)
I'm assuming I wont be the only old/big guy.

and given even I run flat out, I won't be sub-24, I'd rather go with the crowd. Unless of course you are with the crowd and they all do sub-20, in which case I'll make sure I smile as I cross the finish line! See you there, watch out for a tall guy in a team GB Triathlon track suit!
Greetings from Head Santa Cruz!
Hey man --

Thanks for the posting and helping to drum up support for the Santa Speedo Run, I really appreciate it! It should be a blast. Look forward to seeing you there...

In the meantime, if you and anyone else who plans to do the run adds themselves to the evite, I am using that to keep everybody up to speed on everything. Latest news is that we got some men's speedo-like swimsuits donated by Don at Austin Tri-Cyclist for anyone who needs one, and that the 10 day forecast shows a high of 77 for Dec. 8 -- actual speedo weather!

- Edward Cruz

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