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I was going to post on my run this morning, I didn't go as well as I'd like, but I got round 7.5-miles, my longest run in 18-months. I may do the Austin Half Marathon yet.

I got home in time to listen this American Life, this weeks theme was opportunity, as always a good program. After this American Life was the Best of Public Radio, this week featured The Third Coast International Audio awards. They played clips from a number of shows, but it was when then got to the Best Documentary: Gold Award winner, Don't Hang up 2, from the BBC that I sat and listened intently.

The point of the Don't Hang Up programme is that the shows host, Alan Dein, randomly calls pay phones, phone boxes, all over the world and engages in conversation with complete strangers. The samples included on the Third Coast show were a security guard at a rest stop in the Florida Everglades, a Transsexual in New Zealand, and a 14-yr old Girl in Margate in the UK.

Mircat summed up the show in her blog, but I sat and sobbed listening to the 14yr old. Margate had the reputation of being a dead end town and this story told it all. A 14yr old girl, twice convicted already, condemned to a life of fighting, drink and drugs. Her story represented everything that Tony Blairs Britain has come to stand for. A complete failure, more laws, ASBO's, more CCTV cameras per head of population than anywhere else, and seen to be doing something rather than doing one thing that made a difference. It was so sad to listen her.

The Third Coast website is here and has small clip of the show, but not as much as the Best of Public Radio played. You can get a real feel for the programme though by listening to this podcast/MP3 resume of the show from the Speechification blog(coincidentally is contributed to by one of my work colleagues, Roo Reynolds).
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thanks for the link!
It's exciting to hear that someone else was positively impacted by this show! Thanks for posting the podcast link, too--I've been looking all over for one to share with my friends who missed the broadcast!