Getting better to get worse

Sigh, just as things get better, they get worse.

Not much in training lately, a few 10k runs, and some evening swims at Barton Springs, alone and in the dark. Saturday evening I'm turning out for the Trail of Lights 5k, in a speedo(see prior comments on speedos and public beaches). That should be fun.

Back on the life 2.0 front, after sorting out employment, mostly, signing up for benefits, at least for 2007 and starting to get some of the work I want done on the house, and finally being able to really concentrate on work and focus, Wednesday I was the joint lead for a project that saved $25m. Yesterday bought the stunning news that the company immigration team said "pursuing a green card (permanent resident status) in the United States will be almost impossible for someone without a degree." - Wow.

My response was, "previously had a US Green card and I understand the process and qualification criteria will have changed over the years. It is hard to understand that the US values people management over demonstrated technical ability, or the theoretical ability from a degree. When I left high school in 1974 there were NO computer courses or even classes. I have the UK's highest recognition in computing, I was appointed a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a body with a Royal charter. in 2007."

Better be a bad people manager than a high-flyer without a degree. I guess I can do that... Sigh, so I'm back to mind wandering, unable to concentrate, and trying to solve life's latest rubics cube.
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Re: Jeez
Yeah, they are making it REALLY hard to be a law abiding, tax paying, legal citizen. First I can't apply for a drivers license, now I'm legally only going to be able to stay in the US for 5-more years.

I'm back to thinking I'll walk, sell the house, quit the job and go live a basic life somewhere I can swim, bike and from time to time run and earn some cash for doing small jobs. Maybe I'll just become a homeless bum down at Barton Creek, not so bad!