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TSA - The game's over

I went out to Florida Wednesday evening and back this morning to speak at an NCOIC Conference. It looks like  my game of tag with the TSA is over. Both on the wayout, and on the wayback, I was unable to get through security with just my UK Drivers License, in both cases I had to show my passport.

I guess thats good if you think that checking ID actually solves anything. Personally I don't. The TSA checks, although thorough, fall in to the "Tony Blair" be seen to do something, rather than actually doing something. Yes, of course I know there have not been anymore attacks since 9/11, its just the 9/11 hijackers all had drivers licenses.

But then, if like me, they had less than a year on their visa/I94 entry permit, they wouldn't be able to get one in Texas at least. TEXAS, It's bigger than France!
Tags: security, travel, tsa
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