Cool Austin Art Benefit and Auction

Chris NealeOne of the new Austin people I've met is Chris Neale, amongst other things we danced away at a couple of Waxploitation gigs. Chris collapsed in his car back in October, was taken to hospital, and after a scan and surgery, they removed a whopping 10lb tumor from his stomach. Wow. Stunning.

Chris works for a small sign business, and is a musician, and has no health insurance. His neighbors and friends have been working on a fund raising gig to help raise some limited funds to try to cover some of his expenses. Below are the details, sadly I'll miss the event as I'm headed back to the UK that morning.

You can see Chris's myspace blog and hear some of his music. Also Marisa Wall who is coordinating the effort, has a myspace blog with pictures of some of the early art.

December 20 Art Benefit. Be there!

Need the perfect holiday gift? How's about original art?

Art Auction Benefit
(that turns into a dance party)
6 PM to 10 PM
Moxie and the Compound
909 West Mary, Suite B

The peacocks, the kitties, and the tree
invite you to an art auction benefit
for their neighbor and ours
who was recently diagnosed with cancer
and who does not have health insurance.

So bring your pocketbooks and billfolds,
your discerning eyes and dancin' shoes
to Moxie and the Compound at S. 5th and Mary
on Thursday, December 20, between 6 PM and 10 PM.

Artists from near and far have donated the perfect
affordable holiday gifts for you to buy for your loved ones.
We've got original paintings, drawings, and even handmade furniture!
(P.S We also have massage packages.)

All proceeds go to a fund for Chris.

Please contact Marisa Wall at or 512-673-8040 for more details. Or just show up! And bring your friends.
Oh how awful! The healthcare payer system in the US disgusts me, as something like this could easily ruin a person financially. I'm so glad he did get the care he needed, though. How wonderful of his friends to help him out!!
yeah, I've agreed to fund match what they raise upto a thousand dollars and there is a musicians fund that is going to help with his care too I think but it does make you wonder... on the other hand he did get great care..