Swimming at Barton Springs

Yep, the pool is open, at night you almost can't get there because of the Trail of Lights. The other day I tried and was turned away by the parking attendants when I tried to approach from the Mohpac side of Barton Springs Road.

I called the pool  tonight and they are, as is the custom on a Thursday, opening at 7pm tonight. I'm going to try getting in from the entrance off Robert E Lee... fingers crossed.


Well, how about 10:22. Didn't get in. You could drive up Robert E Lee, but both entrances to the parking lot/field were fully blocked off. Too many pedestrians and too much traffic around to block the road while moving the barriers. Cr*p. - Oh well, will have to pick-up the swim training in the New Year. Maybe I should see if Stacey wants me back?
Don't you live only a mile or two from Barton Springs Pool? Run there, swim, run home?

Still, by the time you get back from Blighty access will be restored.
Yes, its an easily runnable distance, but I wanted to stop off on the way home. If I get home, put on my running gear and lights and then run back it adds the best part of an hour before I get there, and an extra 20-mins to the trip back, making it all not worth the effort. It's not that much of a priority :-)

Yep, will start swimming on Jan 1st! Wanna meet ??
Yes. Jan 1st is a Tuesday, I'll be there as usual as per habit and schedule at 6:15am ... ;-)