Who lives in a house like this.... or will

I'd seen this house and the window covering earlier in the year, but forgotten about it. As I drove over to pick up lunch today, I passed it again in the Travis Heights neighborhood and again wondered, who is having this house refitted?

It's a triathlete, obviously? In case you didn't spot it from this small picture, in the front window on the left is a large window covering of a triathlete on a bike in the aero position.

I assume it must be a triathlete, or at least someone in the business as this sort of thing can't be easy to get your hands on. So, who could it be ? Jack ? Adam ?? Missy/Don Ruthven ?? Desirée Ficker ??
Not to rat the man out
but I'm pretty sure that is the house of Tim Terway.
Des lives south near there, and I know she's doing a lot of house remodeling... And Don lives down in the Barton Springs area. But dunno. That's pretty awesome, though...