having a hard time getting in the spririt

I'm having a hard time getting in to this Xmas thing. I spent a lazy day shopping and feeling like snoozing in the car in the warmth of the sun, and finally after getting groceries, I had the privallege of having three ladies take me, I decided to get with the plan and head down to Barton Springs.

I arrived at the Corner of Robert E Lee and Barton springs around 4.15pm, they'd already shut off Barton Springs Rd and even though it was bright and sunny and the trail of lights didn't open until 6pm, apparently they were so keen to stop people sneaking their cars in, they closed early.

Up on Robert E Lee the two entrances to the parking lot on the East Side of Barton Springs was also closed, although the guy guarding it at least apologized for the inconvenience. Bah humbug.

Took the car for a wash up at Finish Line car wash on Bee Caves, free voucher for first wash, almost a year old but they still honored it. Big tip for the team from me and still saved $15, thats more like it!

`God bless us every one.' said Tiny Tim
Best description and a good pciture can be seen here on the cities web site: http://www.texasoutside.com/austinframes/trailoflights.htm

Basically rather than spend money doing main st. The city and various organisations get together and produce a mile long display of lights one a closed road that runs through the main town park. It actually looks pretty decent, but as always, in an effort to stop parking chaos, they've instituted a set of restrictions that are a little too over zealous. Especially if you live in the area, as I do, shutting the main east/west Barton Springs Road way early is just punitive.

Great to hear from you!
pretty, but they should save energy and let you go to the pool! people drive through this?
I know how you feel
I hear people complaining about how there's no time left to get ready for xmas and I don't get it. My present to the two kids living with me is.. well, living with me. And to cut us off from the pool is just weird. I've made two purchases that might be considered xmas presents, one for my boyfriend and a DVD recorder/VCR for ME!