2nd Who lives in a house like this

I rarely take the block at the end of Live Oak behind my house. But after doing a 7-miler down and around Ladybird Lake, coming back over the South 1st bridge just as the RunTex Jingle Bells 5k started.

I microwaved a large cup of Chocolate Milk, and decided to walk around the neighborhood. So, if the house in Travis Heights is a triathletes, whose is this, a cyclist? You have to look carefully, but I think this small picture shows clearly a cyclist figure in the top panel of the gate.

So, who lives in this house? - This has got me thinking about what I could do on the front of my house... hmmm.
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Sorry dude,
can't help you with this one. Maybe google the address or check the mailbox? Or heck, ring the bell and maybe make a new friend.