I am Rookie - or should that be, will be

Well I can't really believe in hindsight, but as I go into my 9th year in triathlon, I've signed up for a race called the Rookie! With just a 300m Swim, an 11.1 mile bike, and a 2 mile run it will be the shortest triathlon I've ever done as well.

Entry is here for anyone that wants to join me. I originally thought I'd enter as my first race of the season, but then I remembered the Lone Star triathlon festival at the end of March in Galveston, I'm going to do the Sprint Saturday and the Half Distance AquaBike on Sunday. Still, last year the Rookie looked like great fun, and depending how my cycling goes between now and then, I may bike out to the race, race and bike back. Now thats a brick session!
I'll join you in Galveston ...
although current thinking is Sprint on Sat, Quarter/Olympic on Sunday.
sweet! I have excellent memories of the Rookie Tri, and biking back with you, that was awesome!
it's a fun workout
I enjoyed the Rookie although in my 4th year of triathlon, I did not feel like a Rookie! it's a fun workout and chance to hang out with all your tri friends (like us!) (waiting to see how my knee does before committing to anything in Galveston)
I remember when Jamie won the Rookie a few years ago and they gave him some special "worst rookie" award :)