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Maintenance week

Well I had hoped to get a bit more training in before the holidays kicked in, but it wasn't to be. It's also been an expensive week, and nothing to do with the holidays.

Friday early I had an electrician come and fit a surge protector to the main fuse box. With the storms and everything coming in the spring, its a good investment. Then I had the How Foundation come and do work on the trees, the big limb over the garage was looking decidedly dodgy, and a decent ice storm might have bought it down onto the roof. They also trimmed the tree over the back of the house and the oak in the front yard.

I had the builders from next door lay some nice stonework out the back of the house. Now I'm using the car I use the back door to the garage more than the front. All in all I spent nearly $2k but well worth it. So Saturday it was my time to do some work. I went and bought a Torro Yard vac/blower, cleaned up all the leaves from the back yard, cleaned out and levelled out the small gravel stones left next to the new paving. It took me all day Saturday.

I did get a 7-mile run in Sunday morning, my knees are suffering. Later in the day I had REAL pain just walking. I'm starting to think that the micro-lactin supplement was worth taking after all. I did the front yard sunday, and Monday the louvre covers arrived that I'd ordered.

Turns out that the builder left 4 covers off. Getting him back was a pain, getting the covers was a pain, I had to order from a specialist and they arrived in Mondays mail. I thought about calling the builder, you couldn't get to the holes with a ladder as they were up in the attic room at the top of the 3rd floor. I walked up stairs, took my shoes and socks off, climbed out of the window and inched my way around on a ledge, and popped them all in.

It was shear stupidity, I must have been up 40ft, no safety harness etc. When I got back in I felt good but my fingers really ached from gripping the eves like my life depended on it, because it did.

Finally got out yesterday for another run, just 4-miles. Last night I walked the Trail of Lights, it was pretty good, which was more than can be said for my knees. Color me seriously worried about them. Failed to get an early morning swim in at Barton Springs, I just ran out of time.
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