Twitter, Gaudi, and Movistars - oh yeah, and why BA are the sux

I've missed posting in Livejournal for since the 18th as I've been busy in my First life. However, I have been micro-blogging via Twitter, where I am @cathcam - You can only read the posts if you have a Twitter id and "follow me". It's good fun, you can post and follow by almost any connectivity including TXT messages, web browser, various Adobe AIR tools such as Snitter.

Since I produce a pdf from my live journal entries for my own records using LJBook, I decided to post my recent tweets here, they are
Mark Cathcart cathcam 3 - pre-pay Internet add-on worked fast on Spains movistar network, too expensive - £5 UKP per Mb - I'm obviously not a movistar ...
Mark Cathcart cathcam BA Terrace lounge at London Gatwick; AA upgraded us to Business for free - Happy New Year AA - may not be the best, but predictably good!
Mark Cathcart cathcam 3-checked bags for two on the way to Barcelona, absolutely refuse to check on way back, even if you pay - inconsistency rules, ko BA again
Mark Cathcart cathcam flight from Barcelona to Heathow - BA you are here to pay our salaries, we dont get paid to give good service
Mark Cathcart cathcam wanted room with a view, got a corner suite with 90-degree sea view, much love Hilton Diagonal Mar
Mark Cathcart cathcam arrived barcelona Term-a, luggage in Term-b gotta love BA not
Mark Cathcart cathcam at LHR ready to fly to Barcelona for a long w/e - shame will miss @cote
Mark Cathcart cathcam trying to work out benefits for 2008, why are they called benefits and so confusing...
Mark Cathcart cathcam done the Eye, in the bar at the National Theatre for mulled wine, xmas pie and ssome easy jazz... hmm London at its best
Mark Cathcart cathcam Up late, Jet lag in full flight, Girlfriend on way from LAX to LHR, also in full flight... heading for Heathrow in the morning...
Mark Cathcart cathcam happy christmas fellow twitters - love the ones you are with, even if you are alone!
Mark Cathcart cathcam winding up at IBM South Bank; starting to feel tired after two nights of little sleep - interesting Solaris discussions though, things t ... ...
Mark Cathcart cathcam not going to enjoy tonight. still its xmas.. seeiing my kids at the w/e, priceless
Mark Cathcart cathcam elvis xmas songs, an isle seat in economy
Mark Cathcart cathcam oh yeah baby blog post with seasonal graphics... click the link
Mark Cathcart cathcam at DFW, Hermes and Thinkpad for connectivity got to love I Internet Connection sharing
Mark Cathcart cathcam Will be at IBM Southbank London most of thursday morning, having leaving lunch with THE big boss... Suit or jeans? Hell levis chords. U bet
Mark Cathcart cathcam ALL checked in and onboard at Bergstrom with, count 'em one two three four Thinkpads... One to use three to retire at IBM UK
Mark Cathcart cathcam going down to trail of lights, lets see whats kept me from swimming for last 2-weeks
Mark Cathcart cathcam 4-tracks from new Joe Jackson album, Rain, not out until Jan 29 - pretty good
Happy new year to you too! Hope to get a chance to meet sometime this year!