Back to life, back to Austin, back to training - Outdoor swimming tips

Attached are the final tweets from my holiday travels, since Ben asked by email, yes, they are in reverse order, you read from bottom up. I managed to get down to Barton Springs yesterday just before 4pm, the sun was setting and it was getting chilly and I was again the only person swimming there. I'm going to try to do early mornings Monday and Wednesdays from next week. A good fleece tracksuit and hat are all you need to get warm again.

I've no real idea why whyiron insists on showering at Barton Springs, especially in this weather! A quick towel down, then off with the swim costume and into a long sleeve t-shirt, on with the fleece top and training pants, on with a hat and I'm done. It helps to have a pair of flip-flops that you can leave by the water, the concrete can be really cold.

I got out for a short run this morning, my knees don't feel too bad, and now I've got my new health insurance I'm going to get a pair of running shoes made to fit and see where that takes me.
Mark Cathcart cathcam just back from swim at Barton springs... cold getting in, freezing getting out but a nice mile swim, now trying to find an open chinese
Mark Cathcart cathcam listening to Mark Ronson Versions cd and liking it.. nice one Ella
Mark Cathcart cathcam remembered i have a 3-story house on a hill overlooking Town Lake, watched fireworks from window ;-) colour me smug
Mark Cathcart cathcam made it home last night 23:55 decided it was too late to get to Town Lake....
Mark Cathcart cathcam still beat @cote in thje great adventure race from Spain - happy new year to all, hope u get home tonight @cote
Mark Cathcart cathcam got bags, got Austin, only got 35-mins to get car and get downtown!
Mark Cathcart cathcam its never over 'til the door closes, despite announcing the flight had checked in full and no standby, we still got 2x in 1st
Mark Cathcart cathcam should still make the fireworks party at Town Lake at midnight though!
Mark Cathcart cathcam delayed at DFW waiting for a gate; missed AUS connecting flight, looks like the Gods of flying went to a party and forgot us!
Mark Cathcart cathcam Its so cold on this AA flight u can see your breath... Whoops not supposed 2b txting at 15k ft...
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