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Resolution Run - Austin, Friday 4th, 9.15am - Chasing Willy

According to KUT this morning, Will Wynn the Austin Mayor is hosting a Resolution Run on Friday 4th at 9.15 a.m. starting from the south side of the South 1st Bridge, opposite RunTex.

You can chose either the 4-mile or 2-mile loops, there is no entry fee and the first 200 get t-shirts and/or running hats.

I couldn't find any details on this anywhere, including the Mayors Fitness Council website. Anyone else seen anything ? I'll be there, I put an entry in my diary to avoid work related clashes. Since the company is a sponsor, it can count a community service.

OK, yes chasing willy was a cheap shot. I could have gone with free willy or frozen willy, but given the Mayors run split at the 2007 triathlon I'll be chasing him!

Oh yes, and if you are not from the UK you won't get the willy derivation, wikipedia lists it as British slang for the penis. Well I never...
Tags: austin, mayor, reaolution run, training
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