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[Paula Craig][Paula Craig cycling][Following a Steve Trew training camp this past w/e where former Tri-Force club mate and GB Triathlete Paual Craig gave an inspirational talk on her return to triathlon as a paraplegic. Lots of comments afterwards]

Steve Trew in his letter was of course right, Paula Craig is inspirational. This is because we feel we'd like to be able to dedicate ourselves to the same level of commitment and training. While its true that lots of athletes with disabilities will no doubt also look up to Paula, lots will not. She's just ordinary to them, they do the same thing(perhaps not with as big smile on their face).

One of the biggest challenges that the athletes with disability face is not their disability but our positive discrimination and projection of our hopes, fears and expectations onto them. Paula I have to say was the same Paula before her accident as she was afterwards, funny, smiling, happy party girl that was dedicated to triathlon. What's the difference between then and now. Not a lot I can tell you.

What you should be inspired by, are all the stories of courage, strength and determination in everyday life that surround us not just the extraordinary ones. The single mum with 3-kids trying to find time to train for her first triathlon; the 40-year old guy recovering from his first heart attack; the teenager who has decided to forgo the silver shilling to pursue his/her true dream of being a full time athlete even though they may not be naturally gifted - all these people are out there and more you just need to look a little harder and when you find them give them your encouragement, offers of help etc.

Oh yes, and if anyone is going to Madeira for the Worlds and can spare the time I know a few athletes who could probably use a hand with their kit!

Jane Tomlinson, Paula Craig, Chris Brogan, Jason Richards are all special because they've dedicated themselves to achieving something and done it... so have many others here and even in your clubs!
[Paula Craig on the Velocity Racing website]
[Aspire spinal injury charity]
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