A year in training

I wrote an earlier post on 2007, having just installed the Garmin drivers on my new laptop, added the data to sportstracks and added a few of the manual workouts I could remember, I came up with these stats for 2007. The stats don't include triathlon competitions, and some of my swimming data is missing, but not enough to make a significant difference.

Running: 68-runs, 300 miles, 49:57 hours - Which is mostly 1-per week. Given my early seasons ankle problems its ok, but given many of these were short brick sets, not nearly enough. Comparisons miles(year): 378('01), 425('02), 244('03), 278('05)

Cycling: 58-rides, 2051-miles, 123.50 hours - Not bad, but still mostly only 1-per week. Again somewhat reduced by my early season ankle problems. Some good rides at decent speeds. The Sierra to the Sea bike tour is in the stats, mostly, in June I did 570-miles at an average speed of 18.7mph per ride. Comparisons: 1098('01), 1956('02), 1483('03), 1300('05)

Swimming: 72-swims, 45-miles, 12.06-hours - Really overall disappointed in this. I had no excuse, no real injuries. Must do better this year. Comparisons: 81-miles('01), 96-miles('02), 57-miles('03), 66-miles('05)

For some reason I don't have numbers for 2004, 2006. Huh ?
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