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Plans for 2008

So, after a couple of posts looking back, here is the plan for 2008. I'm going to make a few changes.

For the first time since 2001, I've created myself a formal training program. In 2001 I decided to get fit and fast and take a place in the GB Team for the 2002 ITU Worlds, having done poorly at the 2001 Worlds. After that though I mostly just organized and turned up at all my former club, Tri-Force, club sessions. Thus eliminating the need for any kind of personal schedule, I followed this through July 2005 when I moved to NY and things went downhill from then.

So, here is my early season plan. I made start last week, I ache all over already having done no real training since the Texas Triathlon on October 20th.

I start training with a long standing problem with my left arm/shoulder, I'm going to have to get that looked at. It doesn't seem to get any worse with swimming, but it hasn't got any better after a 6-week lay off.

My weight is at 216lbs, which is 10lbs up on most of 2006, at 16lbs up on where I want to be, so I have much to do. Also, my knees are much more painful than they've been any time since I took up triathlon, I'm going to have to get on an see the folks at Hangar prosthetics about getting running shoes made.

Monday: early morning swim at Barton Springs, Ride home from the office in evening; short brick run
Tuesday: Ride into work; Bucks Bike Tuesday evening ride, brick run around the Domain and IBM parking lots
Wednesday: Early morning swim at Barton Springs
Thursday: Early morning run from the house to Hike and bike trail and back; swim at Barton Springs on way home
Friday: Day off
7am long ride, followed by brick run
Sunday: Long run

I didn't make a great start as I didn't get to Barton Springs this morning, I did bring my bike to the office and will be cycling home tonight. I'll probably take a different route from normal to see if I can extend the ride a bit. I also won't be doing the Bucks bike Tuesday this week as I'm going to the Geek Austin Happy Hour instead.

Next up: List of events
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