Longhorn again 2008 - becomes a 70.3 race

I hear that Thursday afternoon there will be a formal announcement that the Longhorn triathlon will formally become Longhorn 70.3, and a formal qualifier for the NAS 70.3 World Championships in 2009. It will be interesting to see if for the first year they offer any IM Hawaii slots for 2009 as first year races sometimes can.

At least according to the email I got, theres some form of formal announcement at Jack and Adams at 3.00pm on Thursday.

Hopefully Keith won't drop the Aquabike category, otherwise I guess I've got all year to try to get my running in shape if my knees hold out. It looks like the sprint and Olympic distance races run at Longhorn race w/e have already been moved to Galveston. See http://www.longhorntri.com/longhorn/index.html
Thanks for the heads up. That's SUPER exciting... Too bad I'm hopefully going to be in Vegas for Halfmax, but I guess if I don't qualify, then there's more incentive to go blow up that course once I'm actually trained for a half. =) I love Jack and Adams so much. I saw Michael and Amanda Lovato(sp?) there today... Cool. For some reason Drew was showing them my (not impressive in my opinion) bike... Fun fun fun =)
When will you know?

Once it becomes public knowledge, people will start coming from further afield to race and so entry will close much earlier... the three guys from the GB that raced in 2007, were all through my efforts, I suspect more will come this year looking for slots...
Yeah that has me kinda worried a bit. No, I'm not worried. I will go sub-5 at Lonestar. ;) I'm trying to qualify at Lonestar and that involves going sub-5:05. The top 20% of each AG goes, but the top 20% of my AG was at like 4:55 last year... Holy crap. But yeah, I can make the time cutoff, and who knows, maybe the fact that I'm actually RACING that distance will turn me into some kind of 4:30 beast. ;) I've toyed with the idea of emailing Keith and asking if I could "save" a slot or something.... Hmmm...
im going to try and make the 3pm at Jack and Adams, if Keith is there I'll see what he says.

you can normally get pro slots after general entries but you'd need a sub 4 15 time for that