So mad, so much fun!

Back 3-years ago I used my blog to document the trials and tribulations of my attempts to use the new TREO 650 PDA/Phone. It was one of the first real phones, full function PDA's, with full Internet browsing, email, a camera and an MP3 player. Fast foward to last year, the Treo650 still works well, albeit slow when online. However the microphone no longer works and you have to use a bluetooth or cable attached headset. And so it was, I signed up for a new AT&T contract in Austin to get a 512 area code and I managed to swing a free HTC Hermes/AT&T 8525.

It's basically an updated version of the Treo 650, except for the tech/spec minded, it's radically different. First, it's got 128Mb of built-in memory, it runs Windows Mobile, I jacked it from WM5 to WM6 using vp3G's WM6 v3.0 ROM. It's got a higher res camera, 2M pixels, HSDPA networking, which works great here in Austin, it does video/MP3 etc.

However, the fun part is after a bit of playing around, I've worked out how to get Realplayer on the HTC to play the BBC Radio London radio station to play. It's so much fun, for me at least. I plug it into the BOSE Stereo I have at home, into the car stereo etc. It's so weird, using a phone, normal retail price $650, billions dollars of investment in the Internet, I've turned this all into a $15 portable radio from the 70's!

If you have a phone that does Realplayer, check out this link, it has pretty much everything you'll need, apart from that is either an Internet capable phone, such as the Nokia N95, a Windows mobile or Palm based PDA.
Should've gotten an iPhone. Mine completed my life in a very satisfying way. You still might have time to return that POS you bought... ;)
iPhone phooey - I deliberately didn't get one as I do do software development from time to time and couldn't stand the thought have having a machine that was locked out. Mostly though for the fact that its practically impossible to use a different SIM card.

In my first month back in the UK using the HTC with the AT&T SIM, I got poor network connection for data and nearly died when I got back it cost me nearly $700 for a week of poor international data.

When I was there for Xmas, I picked up a 3-network pre-paid SIM, slotted it into the HTC and got great 3G coverage for just $10 a month and with roaming to Spain and Germany.

Theres some slick software on the iPhone, but mostly it doesn't have anything you can't get elsewhere, and there are a lot of downsides to it, it is a triumph of marketing and style though. I've posted a few decent videos on the net of live music gigs I've been at using the Treo and HTC - this is one of the "approved" ones - can your iPhone do that ?

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Haha there's non-approved ones? The mind reels at the possibilities. The fact that it doesn't have video recording is one of the great mysteries of life, and I'll admit that I'm not at all savvy in world travel, especially as it relates to cell-phone usage. I do plan on going to Italy this year, though. Hopefully. If I don't buy a bunch of bikes instead.

In February they're releasing an iPhone SDK so it won't be "locked down" so much anymore. Already it's trivial and there are lots of third-party apps for it. I mean, I appreciate your arguments, but it's like why I just LOVE to use macs even though I can find my way around anything and things definitely would be more convenient for things like Garmin uploading with a PC... I want my computers (and now phone) to just love me and feel like they were designed to make me happy. That's how I view pretty much all the products Apple makes. :) But yeah, they definitely have flaws.